US Nutty Champions 2019!

by Laura Kernaghan
March 28, 2019

It’s official: the 2019 Nutty Tilez competition was defi-nut-ly a success! Over 12,900 students from across the globe took part and we are delighted to now be able to announce the winners.


1. Richard A, Chantilly High

“I prepared myself for the contest by playing Nutty Tilez! At the end of the competition I was very tired. The contest coincided with a test I was scheduled to take that same morning, so I had already spent a good part of the day getting drained of energy and focus. Keeping that level of focus for yet another few hours was very mentally exhausting. As soon as I was finished I went straight to sleep.

I had to start the contest about 3 hours late, so the better part of it was me trying to catch up as fast as I could. There’s a trade off between being fast and being accurate, but I had to do both in order to catch up, all while under constant pressure and while already being quite tired – that was pretty hard.

Nutty Tilez pretty much makes practicing vocabulary a game and not a chore. I really like learning this way and I find it very effective. In fact, I come across words and phrases from Nutty Tilez all the time while reading and listening to French and it’s always satisfying to see what I learn manifest itself in real life.”

2. Karen R, Western Albemarle High

3. Matthew C, Stone Hill Middle

4. Samantha M, Corning-Painted Post High School

5. Aniqa T, Corning-Painted Post Middle School

6. Nicholas Y, T.C. Williams High

7. Lauren H, Eastern View High

8. Beckett S, T.C. Williams High

9. Jacob S, Stone Bridge High

10. Sydney D, Western Albemarle High


1. Daniel P, Lafayette High

2. Lucas M, Kemps Landing/Old Donation School

3. Lauren L, Clear Lake High

4. Snow C, Clear Lake High

5. Carina M, Loudoun County High

6. Lauren B, Manchester High

7. Gauri P, Poly Prep Country Day School

8. Nu M, Lafayette High

9. Kendyll B, Lafayette High

10. Ryan K, Corning-Painted Post Middle School


1. Theodore B, Massaponax High

2. Maya G, Rock Ridge High

3. Grayden H, Midlothian High

4. Kaden B, Blue Ridge Middle

5. Lauren M, Blue Ridge Middle

6. Cate B, Cosby High

7. Jack H, Woodgrove High

8. Nicholas B, Ni River Middle

9. Robert B, Cosby High

10. William H, Woodgrove High


1. Sean F, Manchester Middle

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