US Nutty Champions 2018!

by Laura Kernaghan
April 19, 2018

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It’s official: the 2018 Nutty Tilez was a cracker! Over 8,500 students from across the globe took part and we are delighted to now be able to announce the winners.


1. Richard A, Chantilly High

“To prepare for the contest I created flashcards and studied the vocabulary after school. I also made sure to periodically level myself up in Nutty Tilez to guarantee I was studying well enough. I found that it was helpful to stretch the learning process over the course of a few weeks and study in short sessions each day. This allowed me to retain the vocabulary much more easily, which is crucial when you have to remember upwards of 800 words!

Already, the French language in all of its forms has become incredibly more comprehensible to me. It’s becoming clear that this Nutty Tilez competition hasn’t just helped me learn vocabulary – it’s helped me connect more deeply with the French language and allowed me to express my ideas more clearly just the same. To me, vocabulary has always been the most difficult part of learning a language, and Nutty Tilez has been an exceptionally fun and constructive way to learn.”

nutty winners 2

2. Karen R, Western Albemarle High

3. Arianna M, WIlliam Monroe High

Arianna Mosqueda

“Nutty Tilez has been extremely helpful to me. It has given me a fun way to learn French vocabulary that challenges my ability. Vocabulary is one of the most important components in learning a language, and the Nutty Tilez competition has helped me do that. I hope to continue to compete in the Nutty Tilez competitions, and I hope others will do the same.”

4. Keila M, Eastern View High

5. Aniqa T, Corning-Painted Post Middle School

6.  Sydney N, Dickinson High School

7.  Taylor L, Matoaca Middle School

8. Carmen A, Sutton Middle

9. Kadiza S, Wakefield High

10. Alyssa A, Eastern View High


1. Joshua S, Murray High

Once the competition had been announced, I spent the majority of my free time in and out of school to practice, first by mastering the levels I had already completed, and then by leveling up as often as possible so that the words later on would be more familiar during the competition. The best way I found to practice previous levels was using the ‘Test Out’ option, which is available on the overview for each level after you’ve done it successfully once before.

I knew after reaching level 35 that I was going to win this, considering how I had an 8 level lead for the majority of the event. I believe this is one of the biggest accomplishments I have made in my life thus far, and one I certainly won’t forget any time soon. If I had a nickle for every time a word I had seen in Nutty Tilez had come into use in class or my own writing, I could go see a movie. For competitive individuals, this game is a perfect way to learn vocabulary, and even after I graduate, I guarantee Spanish words will continue to enter my conscience every now and again.

2. Daniel T P, Berkeley Middle

3. Juveria A, Victory Lakes Intermediate

4. Bao H, Clear Brook High

5. Navya C, Lebanon Trail High School

6. Anna P, Clear Brook High

7. Robbie J, Polytech High School

8. Austin Z, Kemps Landing/Old Donation School

9. Jackie V, Clear Lake High

10. Nu M, Berkeley Middle School


1. Peter R, Hornsby Middle School

2. Alex G, James River High

3. Matthew H, Rock Ridge High

4. David J, Eastern View High

5. Pitzer P, E.C. Glass High

6. Brandon M, E.C. Glass High

7. Grayden H, Manchester Middle

8. Kiara B, E.C. Glass High

9. Larissa S, Berkeley Middle

10. Cynthia L, E.C. Glass High


nutty winners 1

1. Maddie SMatoaca Middle School

2. Marissa S, Matoaca Middle School

3. Sean F, Manchester Middle School

“Knowing more vocabulary in Latin class has been helpful when we have to translate a passage, and it’s been really good review.”

nutty winner 3

4. Pari PMatoaca Middle School

5. Sujhan AManchester Middle School

6. Ebtesaam A QManchester Middle School

7. Lauren PMatoaca Middle School

8. Alyssa RManchester Middle School

9. Melinda SManchester Middle School

10. Tameem E KManchester Middle School