UK Nutty Champions 2018!

by Laura Kernaghan
April 9, 2018

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It’s official: the 2018 Nutty Tilez was a cracker! Over 8,500 students from across the globe took part and we are delighted to now be able to announce the winners.


1. Ali B, Reading School

2. Ilana P, The Grammar School at Leeds

“The hardest part was the speed of the last few levels – it becomes just as much a test of your typing skills as your vocabulary at the end and you can get stuck on the harder levels for a while.

It’s helped me to remember the genders of really useful words in French, as well as to learn the accents which are very easy to forget. The repetition means that you pick up the words without realising.”

nutty winner 2

3. Faeza L, Witton Park Academy

4. Aleks S, Reading School

5. Catherine C, Morecambe Community High School

6. Lorenzo M, ACS Cobham

7. Natasha F, Sacred Heart of Mary

8. Alys R, Lowton High School

9. Alec G, Greenwich Free School

10. Emily B, The Grammar School at Leeds


1. Shaun C, Steyning Grammar School

2. Julian C, Whitgift School

“While the Nutty Tilez competition significantly put my typing skills to the test, I felt that the core of my progress throughout the competition lay in the constant repetition of vocabulary that each level required. Each level started off difficultly with new words and phrases, but after having to redo each level multiple times, the vocab began to become drilled into my knowledge, allowing me to drift through word after word with confidence and speed. At many points of my strenuous, five-hour long journey through the fifty levels, I faced hardship and frustration, but I made every effort to stay relaxed and motivated.

Not only has this competition given me a sense of accomplishment, but most importantly, it has helped me expand my knowledge of Spanish vocabulary which I will continue to use in my future pursuits in the language.”

Nutty Winner 3

3. Sam P, The Grammar School at Leeds

After a very long time, I was incredibly relieved and happy to have reached the end and very pleased to have achieved third place.

I think Nutty Tilez has dramatically improved my knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and also my ability to learn the words and retain them in my memory for longer. It’s surprising now to hear a word during a Spanish lesson and realise that I know it simply because it was in one of the Nutty Tilez levels.”

Nutty winners 5

4. Sarah K, Sacred Heart High School

5. Clennell T, Reading School

6. Holly M, Meldrum Academy

7. Rachel W, Guildford High School

8. Bailey T, Queens’ School

nutty winner 1

9. Jay P, Habs Boys

10. Mahera S, Guildford High School


1. Kai L, The Stanway School

2. Isabel M, Kesgrave High School

3. Yasmin J, Aylesbury High School

nutty winner 6

4. Emma C, King’s High Warwick

5.  Student 15, King’s College School

6. Nana M, The Piggott School

7. Alex J, Habs Boys

8. Isabelle S, Aylesbury High School

9. Adam R, The Wavell School

10. Siam R, Tarleton Academy


1. Iris L, Kesgrave High School

2. Angus L, Harrow School


1. Harriet B, Sheffield High School

2. Wilkie H, Tonbridge High School

3. Francesca R, Sheffield High School