Nutty Tilez Competition 2019 – UK

by Laura Kernaghan
February 25, 2019

Playing somewhere other than the UK? Have a look at the competition details for the US or AUS/NZ. 

Get ready! It’s almost time for the most anticipated international contest of the year: the Nutty Tilez Competition is back! Students across the globe will battle each other (and Demon Dante!) over 56 bonkers hours, in the hope of being crowned Nutty Champion!

Woah! Slow down a minute – what is this madness?!

On Thursday 7th March, every student will have their Nutty Tilez account (temporarily – panic not!) reset to Level 1 and for the 56 hours that follow, they will play against each other in an attempt to be the first to reach the end of Level 50!

This will be the fifth international competition and it never fails to get students going nutty for vocab!

Check out what competitors from previous years have to say about it here. 

Bring it on! When does the lunacy begin?

The competition is divided into two rounds: the Qualifier and the Final.

The Qualifier
Begins: Thursday 7th March, 10am
Ends: Saturday 9th March, 9am

During this first round, students’ only aim is to make it to Level 15. Anyone who does so qualifies for the final!

The Final
Begins: Saturday 9th March, 9am
Ends: Saturday 9th March, 6pm

The heat is turned up in the final round as qualifying students battle to be the first contestant in their language to reach Level 50!

If, by the end of the Final, Level 50 remains unconquered, the winner will be the student who has reached the highest level.

OK, got it. Count us in! Not that the pursuit of Nutty Tilez glory isn’t sufficient motivation but…will there be prizes?

You bet there will! In addition to everlasting fame, there will be Amazon vouchers for the top 3 students in each language:

1st place: £50
2nd place: £35
3rd place: £25

What’s more, the top 10 students in each language will receive an exclusive, personalised certificate.

We will also send certificates to every single student who reaches a milestone level (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50) to congratulate them on mastering another 200 pieces of vocabulary!

So there’s everything to play for…

P.S. you’ll never believe this…

…Demon Dante is easier to hate than ever!

He has his own Instagram account. Just look at it. Such arrogance! You’ll have to see it to believe it – his handle is demondante247. Even we didn’t think the competition would go this far…

It’s time to get nutty!

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