Nutty Tilez 2019: The Winners’ Wall

by Laura Kernaghan
March 28, 2019

You can see the full list of US winners here, the full list of UK winners here and the full list of winners from Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific here.

The Nutty Tilez competition 2019 was defi-nut-ly a success! Over 12,900 students from all over the world competed and they loved it just as much as we did! Read on for some top tips from this year’s champions!

Tamaki, Olivia, Marlese and Hannah – the top 4 in German in the New Zealand competition!

Tamaki N, 1st Place in German, Ashburton College, NZ

“I prepared myself for the contest by doing the custom lists that were made for my class. I felt happy when it ended because it was kind of stressful. The hardest part of the contest was trying to type the words really fast to beat other people.

I think Nutty Tilez helped me with my German because it is a good way to learn lots of vocabulary in a short amount of time.”

Olivia L, 2nd Place in German, Ashburton College, NZ

We did the qualifying round in class so that really helped us all prepare for the final round. When the competition finished I was really happy because I had been doing it for so long without a break so that was really good. The hardest part was going against Demon Dante and forgetting one word and having to do that level all over again!

Nutty Tilez has really helped me remember all of the words quicker so it doesn’t take forever to remember the words.”

Marlese S, 3rd Place in German, Ashburton College, NZ

Before the competition we practised in class. I felt relieved when I finished and the hardest part was levelling up and having to learn new words.

I think Nutty Tilez has helped a lot with expanding my German vocabulary.”

Hannah K, 4th Place in German, Ashburton College, NZ

“Before the competition had started, we were doing Nutty Tilez in class so that was our practice. I found it nice when I reached the goal. The hardest part was the fact that I felt like I wasn’t memorising the words thoroughly but I think that Nutty Tilez helps you think fast about the words instead of giving you time.”

Richard A, 1st Place in French, Chantilly High, US

Richard A, 1st Place in French, Chantilly High, US

“I prepared myself for the contest by playing Nutty Tilez! At the end of the competition I was very tired. The contest coincided with a test I was scheduled to take that same morning, so I had already spent a good part of the day getting drained of energy and focus. Keeping that level of focus for yet another few hours was very mentally exhausting. As soon as I was finished I went straight to sleep.

I had to start the contest about 3 hours late, so the better part of it was me trying to catch up as fast as I could. There’s a trade off between being fast and being accurate, but I had to do both in order to catch up, all while under constant pressure and while already being quite tired – that was pretty hard.

Nutty Tilez pretty much makes practicing vocabulary a game and not a chore. I really like learning this way and I find it very effective. In fact, I come across words and phrases from Nutty Tilez all the time while reading and listening to French and it’s always satisfying to see what I learn manifest itself in real life.”

Tom P, 3rd Place in French, Bedford Modern School, UK

I practised mostly by doing some Nutty Tilez before the contest with my friends, looking at the vocabulary for each level and writing down the words that I struggled with. I felt relieved that the competition was over as it was hard work but also very happy that I had achieved third place!

In my opinion, the hardest part was typing in the vocabulary as you had to type really quickly and it was especially hard with long words with lots of accents. Levelling up with Demon Dante was also hard as it was very frustrating when you mistype one word and have to start over again.

There is so much vocabulary on there related to many different topics so you can use them a lot and have fun as well.”

Nawar H, 1st Place in French & Latin, Sheffield High School, UK

Nawar H, 1st Place in French and 1st Place in Latin, Sheffield High School, UK

“I was already on level 44 in French and a week before the competition I practised a lot and I tried my best to reach level 50. This gave me more confidence during the actual competition but the levels near the end were still really hard. When I got to the end I was extremely tired and my fingers hurt. I was also really happy and excited but relieved that it was over. The levels closer to the end were so, so hard. In French I had to do level 48 countless times before I finally passed. Also, I needed a lot of stamina to get to the end but I didn’t want to give up before finishing.

It has really helped me with my vocabulary for my languages and I’d advise everyone else to take part. It’s fun but it’s also useful. Just today I was doing a French exam and I recalled a lot of vocab that I had learnt from Nutty Tilez. I’m grateful my school gave me this opportunity.”´╗┐

Iris L, 3rd Place in Italian, Kesgrave High School, UK

“I looked over lists of difficult words I made when I did Nutty Tilez to learn vocabulary previously. When the competition was over, I felt exhausted and frustrated that I couldn’t type fast enough. The hardest part of the competition was keeping going when my fingers had a life of their own. There are words I will never forget again.”

Nadrin M, 2nd Place in French, Kesgrave High School, UK

“I feel tired now that the competition is over, but also happy! The hardest part was beating Demon Dante in levels 40 plus – he was extremely fast. I have learnt new French vocabulary that has stayed with me.”

Sravani Y, Aboli J, Feride U and Emma S, Aylesbury High School, UK

Sravani Y (9th in Spanish), Aboli J (7th in French), Feride U (5th in Spanish) and Emma S (4th in Spanish) – CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!