Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific Nutty Champions 2019

by Laura Kernaghan
March 28, 2019

It’s official: the 2019 Nutty Tilez competition was a cracker! Over 12,900 students from across the globe took part and we are delighted to now be able to announce the winners!


1. Tamaki N, Ashburton College

“I prepared myself for the contest by doing the custom lists that were made for my class. I felt happy when it ended because it was kind of stressful. The hardest part of the contest was trying to type the words really fast to beat other people.

I think Nutty Tilez helped me with my German because it is a good way to learn lots of vocabulary in a short amount of time.”

2. Olivia L, Ashburton College

“We did the qualifying round in class so that really helped us all prepare for the final round. When the competition finished I was really happy because I had been doing it for so long without a break so that was really good. The hardest part was going against Demon Dante and forgetting one word and having to do that level all over again.

Nutty Tilez has really helped me remember all of the words quicker so it doesn’t take forever to remember the words.”

3. Marlese S, Ashburton College

“Before the competition we practised in class. I felt relieved when I finished and the hardest part was levelling up and having to learn new words.

I think Nutty Tilez has helped a lot with expanding my German vocabulary.”

4. Hannah K, Ashburton College

“Before the competition had started, we were doing Nutty Tilez in class so that was our practise. I found it nice when I reached the goal. The hardest part was the fact that I felt like I wasn’t memorizing the words thoroughly but I think that Nutty Tilez helps you think fast about the words instead of giving you time.”


1. Kristy P, South Island School

2. Yoona C, South Island School

3. Nicole L, South Island School

4. Nicole T, South Island School

5. Erin K, South Island School

6. Chantelle R, St Dominic’s Catholic College (Henderson)

7. Audrey M, St Dominic’s Catholic College (Henderson)

8. Sophie W, St Dominic’s Catholic College (Henderson)

9. Felix C, South Island School

10. Jeffey Y, South Island School


1. Wesley M, South Island School

2. Toby M, South Island School

3. Ka Wan L, South Island School

4. Nicole C, South Island School

5. Aqru C, South Island School

6. Kiki K, South Island School

7. Aashika M, South Island School

8. Alejandra W, American International School

9. Catalina, American International School

10. Alex P, South Island School

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