The Winter Nutty Tilez Competition 2016!

by Holly Meehan
November 8, 2016

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This December the Nutty Tilez Competition is back! For the third international contest, students will use their linguistic skills to pursue Demon Dante through 50 levels and win back as many peanuts as possible before Christmas!


What?            International Nutty Tilez Competition!
Start date                 December 8th
End date                 December 10th


UK timings
Qualifier begins December 8th, 10AM
Qualifier ends       December 10th, 9AM
Final begins           December 10th, 9AM
Final ends              December 10th, 6PM


US Timings
Qualifier begins     December 8th, 11AM Eastern
December 8th, 10AM Central
Qualifier ends         December 10th, 10AM Eastern
December 10th, 9AM Central
Final begins            December 10th, 10AM Eastern
December 10th,9AM Central
Final ends               December 10th, 7PM Eastern
December 10th, 6PM Central


Download the UK poster and US poster here!

Prepare yourselves for three days of intense, and probably sleepless, battle! You will be fighting head to head with the world’s best language learners, until the contest comes to a close and the judges cast their decision. You have been warned: the judges’ verdict is final!



If the eternal glory of being a Nutty Tilez Champion isn’t reward enough for you, take a look at the awesome student and school prizes you stand a chance to win:

Student Prizes:

There are two competitions and therefore two leaderboards running at the same time- one for the US and one for the UK. Prizes will be awarded to the top students on both leaderboards- so there will be prizes for both the top ten US students AND the top ten UK students.

The prizes are as follows:

The top ten students in each language will be awarded an exclusive Nutty Tilez certificate, and the following Amazon vouchers:

£50 / $75 for the winner

£35 / $50 for second place

£25 / $40 for third place

£15 / $25 for each of the 7 runners up

We will also send out certificates to every student who reaches a milestone level (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50) in any language, to congratulate them on their achievement.

School Prizes:

It’s not only the students who get rewarded: the top ten student scores in each school will be added up to create a school leader board. When the contest closes, the 3 highest scoring schools in each language will be awarded limited edition poster certificates to prove their prestigious learning skill.


Now we’ve explained the prizes, let’s make sure you’re all clear on the rules.

Before the competition begins, every student will be reset to level 1 across all languages.  When the contest begins, the Qualifier Round will start. It will last for the first 47 hours of the competition, and everyone who reaches Level 15 during that time will qualify to move on to the Final Round.

To level up, students must play a normal game against 3 other players. The top two from the game will then go on to play head to head against Demon Dante, and will level up if and only if they beat him! If they don’t manage to knock him off, they will have to play the same level against other students again, and then have another go at taking down Demon Dante.

When the Qualifier is over, the 9-hour Final Round will begin.  During this time, anyone who reached Level 15 during the Qualifier can participate.  Everyone who did not reach Level 15 during the Qualifier will have to sit this round out.  

The winner for each language will be the first person who has completed level 50, or, if no one has managed to complete level 50 in that language, the winner will be the student on the highest level. If there is more than one student on that level, the winner will be the student who has won the most points on that level only. The points they have earned on previous levels will not be added. The next 9 places will be awarded on the same basis.

After the winners have been chosen, all students will be reset to the Nutty Tilez levels they were on before the competition started.


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We will also be awarding prizes to the best US and UK classroom photos of the competition, so tweet your very best Nutty Tilez photos @NuttyTilez for a chance to win!