The Nutty Champions! (UK version)

by Holly Meehan
December 18, 2015

The Nutty Tilez competition was a resounding success, with students all over the world battling it out to be named Nutty Tilez Champions! We’ve spent the last few weeks catching up with the winners, and here they all are:



Aria S, Harrow

Aria was in the competition right from the very beginning, and he had made it all the way to level 50 by then end! We were so impressed by his perseverance, a well deserved win.

How did you feel when you got to the end?

I was relieved, to be honest. I had spent so much time on it, scared that my fellow competitors would beat me, so finishing assured me of my position.

What was the hardest part of the contest?

Beating Demon Dante with 1 life. I think I have a life-long grudge on him.

How do you think Nutty Tilez has helped you with your languages?

Nutty Tilez has prepared me for quite a lot of the GCSE vocab on top of what I knew.


Harry N, Berkhamsted

See how Harry, who came second in French, got on in our exclusive video interview!


Franceska F, Sacred Heart of Mary

Franceska worked hard to earn her place at fourth in French on the UK leaderboard, well done!

How did you prepare for the contest?

Prior to the contest, I logged onto over several evenings and practised for an hour each time.

How did you feel when you got to the end?

I felt relieved when I got to the end but I had a great sense of achievement.

How do you think Nutty Tilez has helped you with your languages?

I think that Nutty Tilez provides an innovative way of learning a language – under intense pressure but nevertheless with great excitement.


In French, students from Guildford High came fifth, sixth, and eigth, Mark K from UCS came seventh, Michael W from Berkhamsted came ninth and Emily D from St. Michael’s RC school came tenth.



Guildford High School

Several students from Guildford High did incredibly well in the contest! Congratulations to them all.

The winner in Spanish hadn’t played much Nutty Tilez before but she still managed to claim the top spot, mainly because she was so motivated by the prizes, and wanted to beat her friends! There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition.


Uma GuravUma from St. Helen’s School, London

Uma G, St Helen’s School, London

Uma came second place in Spanish in the UK, an amazing achievement!

How did you feel when you got to the end?

I was really happy when I got to the end, but I almost wanted it to last for a longer number of days so I could get to level 50. I just didn’t have enough time in the two days!

How do you think Nutty Tilez has helped you with your language?

I think Nutty Tiles has really widened my Spanish (and French) vocab; when I’m trying to translate things its so much easier because I don’t have to look up so many words. I really enjoyed the competition and I think you should definitely do it again!!!!!! 🙂


Ashraf.JPGAshraf looking very festive with his certificate!

Ashraf M, John Hampden Grammar School

Ashraf came third in Spanish in the UK after working hard to ensure his place!

How did you prepare yourself for the contest?

I tried to read the words multiple times before starting levels, and when I got stuck, I took careful notice of the actual translations that the game provided me with, and tried to memorise them.

How do you think Nutty Tilez has helped with your languages?

It has helped me gain a better understanding of Spanish vocabulary and structure in general, as the game offered multiple suggestions for the same words, and I noticed that I was able to recognise some of the words within Spanish lessons because I had learnt them previously. I think that it generally helped my understanding of Spanish.


In Spanish, Hannah W from St. Catherine’s came fourth, a student from Guildford High School came fifth, William P from King Edward’s School Bath came sixth, Holly E from John Smeaton Academy came seventh, Kieran B from Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School came eighth, Ibrahim F from John Hampden Grammar School came ninth, and Anna P from Aylesbury High School came tenth.



Guildford High School

Another student from Guildford came top of the UK leaderboard for German. She was a little annoyed to be reset to level one at the beginning of the Nutty Tilez competition, but soon made up for it by completing level 50 in record time!


Molly L. Giselle R. King's RochesterMolly left and Giselle right, from King’s School Rochester

Giselle H, King’s School Rochester

Giselle and Molly are both from King’s School Rochester and managed to come second and third in German – quite an achievement!

How did you feel when you got to the end?

Gratified that after having exerted effort and time in the competition that it had reaped benefits! We had both really enjoyed the experience.

How do you think Nutty Tilez has helped you with your language?

Nutty Tilez has helped me with my languages in that I had to spend time away from my German classes for a period of years and I fell hugely behind in vocabulary. Nutty Tilez however has greatly aided me in both catching up with my classmates and learning new, more advanced vocabulary! It also presents this help in a really enjoyable way and means that I have no qualms with dedicating so much time to enhancing my linguistic education. 


Molly L, King’s School Rochester

Molly came in third on the UK German leaderboard, we were very impressed.

How did you feel when you got to the end?

I watched the countdown in the last ten seconds and counted down mentally. It was quite cool, and I was excited for my prize.

What was the hardest part of the contest?

After about level 20, it started to get really difficult, and a lot of the vocabulary was very new. From that point on, mastering each level became more difficult, but it was a good challenge.


In German, Tania D from St. Helen’s School, London came fourth, Seidel J from Berkhamsted came fifth, Olivia J from Berkhamsted came sixth, Vijetha I from Aylesbury came seventh, William R from Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School came eighth, Hannah S from St. Catherine’s School came ninth, and Christina H from Tanglin Trust School came tenth.

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