The Autumn 2016 UK Nutty Champions!

by Holly Meehan
December 15, 2016

This December marked the third international Nutty Tilez Competition, and what a competition it was! Students’ results were incredible, a record number took part and there was some seriously speedy typing going on! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Now, without further ado, it is time to announce the winners!




1. Gaby M., St. Helena School

“Before the competition, I practiced every level to learn the vocabulary. If there was a particular word that I found difficult to remember, I wrote it on a piece of paper and revised it.”
Gaby’s advice for someone else in the competition is: “Keep practicing every level, try your best and have fun!”

2. James W., Habs Boys

James said: “I prepared by doing a few of the levels to get used to doing nutty tilez again after the last competition.”. His advice for anyone else taking part is “Do lots of typing practice before as Demon Dante waits for no one!”

3. Arabella T., Benenden School

Reading school 2

4. Tom C.,  Reading School

Tom said: ” I had a few practice runs of Nutty Tilez before the competition begun – typing at speed is part of the challenge! The preliminary round was relatively straight forward, but I couldn’t start the final until 10am because I had a piano lesson! As a result, I had to catch up for a long period of time before finally reaching the top 10. It was great being able to see the final hour run down with 10th place a long way behind. However, it was also frustrating because I knew that I couldn’t reach 3rd!”

His advice for other people competing is: “Definitely try to learn as much vocabulary as possible before the competition starts – you can’t learn everything in one day! Then try and get through as many levels in the morning. As soon as you reach the top 10, try to build and maintain a cushion to people behind you, while slowly catching up the really quick people at the top of the leaderboard!”

Reading school

5. Aleks S., Reading School

Aleks said: “I started 2 hours after the competition began so i was ready to try and get to the top even with the longer time the rest of the competitors had. I think it helped me with my French because i know so many more words and I have ThisIsLanguage to thank for it!”

6. William E., Woodbridge School


7. Aditya V., Habs Boys

Aditya said: “I didn’t prepare per se but we use frequently during our French and Spanish lessons hence that, combined with the fact that I took part in the last edition of the competition, meant that I was fairly confident of my chances. I’d advise any future competitor to look over the vocabulary beforehand and to especially learn the ones they find particularly challenging. More importantly, they must have fun!”

Rohit R

8. Rohit R., Crosfields

Rohit said that before the competition: “I kept challenging my friends on Nutty Tilez so what I could experience the words of the level and also have a little bit of fun.” He also recommends “I would give advice to others to revise their words carefully with perfect spelling (pronouncing them aloud will help) and be able to type these specific words with speed and accuracy.”


9. Rose E., Epsom College

Rose said she felt ‘frustrated initially because it was hard but it was quite fun so I was determined’ but that by the end she was ‘proud of myself because it had taken a long time, and I was glad that I placed 9th as it felt worthwhile’

Her advice for other people taking part next time is ‘to not give up and keep going!’


10. Charlotte W., Oakham School

Charlotte did incredibly well on her first attempt at the Nutty Tilez competition!

Ed Milner, Head of French said “It is the first time the Modern Languages department has trialed this particular competition and as a result we are delighted with Charlotte’s high score.”



1. Ananya H., St. Helen’s School London

Ananya said: ”It was a really exciting competition. The constant challenge to level up means that winning was a truly rewarding experience. The competition has helped me so much with my Spanish and I will definitely be taking part again next year!”


2. Uma G., St. Helen’s School London

3. Arjun S., Hampton School

4. Nathan S., Royal Grammar School, Guildford

5. Alex W., Carre’s Grammar

6. Kishan S., Dr Challoner’s Grammar

7. Shaun C., Steyning Grammar


8. Kevin L., Tonbridge

Kevin was delighted to have done so well in the competition! His advice for other students taking part is “practice more by playing the game before the competition”, and his favourite feature on the site (aside from Nutty Tilez!) is the Grammar section.

Lara guildford

9. Lara, Guildford High

10. Samuel B., Berkhamsted



1. Hannah W.St Catherine’s School

Hannah said: “I felt nervous but incredibly exited when I started! By the end I was pretty tired, but also really happy as I realised I’d won. As for advice, I would say practice as much as you can beforehand, and most importantly never give up! I got overtaken once and fell a few levels behind the leader, but I kept going as quickly as I could and I managed to regain the lead. I think this competition really helped me with my languages, as I got better at spelling many words, and learnt lots of new ones too. My favourite thing on This Is Language apart from Nutty Tilez is the Videos section.”

2. Francesca D.Trinity Catholic College

At the end of the competition, Francesca felt “extremely happy and proud of myself”, well done Francesca!

We asked her what else she likes about, and she said “all the different topics. It’s comprehensive and there’s a topic for most things. So you can choose what you want to do, and choose the ones you are most interested in learning about.”

3. William H.The Grammar School at Leeds

4. Tony S., The Grammar School at Leeds

Tony said: “Nutty Tilez is the best!!! It has really helped me learn vocab in a fun and interesting way.”

5. Susanna C., The Grammar School at Leeds

6. Jaymie B., Arbroath Academy

It was the second time Jaymie had taken part in the competition, and both times she did amazingly well! She said she was “Very happy that I managed to reach level 50 this time around as last year I only made it to 48.”, and she said ” I always learn something new when I play”.

7. Max B.,  Carre’s Grammar School

8. Luke W.The Grammar School at Leeds

9. Taha T.The Grammar School at Leeds

10. Aryan N.Reading School