Textbook and Curriculum Guides

by Holly Meehan
August 31, 2017

Textbook guides

A textbook guide? It sounds simple, but…

It is simple! We’ve put together guides which align the content on thisislanguage.com with the chapters and units of your textbook, to help save you time integrating our resources into your schemes of work and pacing guides!


Did you say ‘time-saving’?! Tell me more…

Yep! Simply look up the textbook chapter you’re working on in the guide and you’ll find a table complete with all the relevant thisislanguage.com videos, grammar exercises, vocab and Hypersheets for that topic!

Each video, vocab block and grammar section has a unique ID number which is given in the guide. All you need to do is log into thisislanguage.com, select your language, and enter the ID into the search bar. Or if you’d like to use a Hypersheet, you’ll find them in the Printables section.

textbookguide compressed

Amazing! Where do I find these magical guides?

The textbook guides are all in the Printables section! Just click on the yellow button on your homepage. There are already guides for over 30 textbooks but if you can’t spot yours, just email holly@thisislanguage.com and we’ll get right on it!

Find out more about using textbook guides:

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