Summer Guide 2017

by Holly Meehan
June 22, 2017

The summer break is almost here! Before you pack your suitcase (or go to sleep for a week…) follow these quick and easy steps for getting your account ready for next year and making the most of over the summer.

What exactly is involved in getting the account ready for next year…?

Not much! All you need to do is:

  1. Archive those students who are leaving/don’t need their accounts anymore
  2. In their place, add the younger students who you want to have accounts next year

Here’s a video to guide you through it, step by step!

Looks simple enough but do I really need to do this already?

You don’t have to but we think this is the perfect time! For 2 reasons:

  1. We’re sure you’re going to have plenty of other draws on your time come September…
  2. If you switch over the accounts now, those students who will be using TIL for the first time next year can get a headstart so that they hit the ground running in the new term

I suppose it would be good if they didn’t forget absolutely everything over the break… Any suggestions?

Bien sûr! There are a couple of easy ways to use to keep your students’ language skills ticking over during the summer!

You can, of course, set some video work based on the topics you’ve covered in class this term/will look at in September, but here are some slightly less labour-intensive options:

Points targets

If there’s nothing in particular that you’d like your students to focus on, this is perfect. Set students the task of earning a specified number of points on their choice of exercises across the site. The freedom to choose what to work on is motivating for the students and it’ll take you about 30 seconds to set!

Find out more about points targets here.

Suggested videos

To help you out with holiday work, we’ve hand-picked a few videos that cover a nice wide range of vocab and grammar structures to help keep students tuned in. Setting all of the accompanying exercises will give students a thorough but varied introduction to the relevant topic.

241 – 1 star – great basic family vocab
706 – 3 stars – good use of imperfect and perfect tense together
2507 – 3 stars –  lots of simple future and activity vocab
683 – 5 stars – lots of conditional and some nice bits of sophisticated vocab

4970 – 2 stars – great family vocab
908 – 3 stars – great past tenses
1444 – 3 starts – lots of future tense
1503 – 5 stars – lots of conditional

3180 – 1 star family vocab
1966 – 4 star – great range of past tense – perfect and imperfect, good range of verbs
2144 – 3 stars – good future tense
1776 – 4 star – conditionals and lots of nice vocab

As always, everything your students do on the site will be automatically marked and recorded, so that you can check in on their progress when September rolls around.

Handy! So that’s everything?

Yep, that’s it! If you need any extra help getting ready for the holidays, you’ll find lots of helpful information on our FAQs page and our YouTube channel, or you can just drop us a line on