Students can now redo set work!

by Holly Meehan
February 1, 2018

Students can now redo the work you set them! This feature won a teacher vote to become the newest addition to the site, and it’s now up and running.

Awesome! How does it work?

After a student completes an exercise you’ve set for them, they will have the option of redoing it to improve their score. They can do this as many times as they like before the exercise due date.

On the exercise score page, students will now be shown both their score for the current attempt and their best score for that exercise so far. They will have the option to redo the exercise straight away from this page.


redo set work

Or, if they’d prefer to take a break and have another go later, they can access the exercise from their feed:

Student Feed

Looks good! But if they can do it infinite times…

Don’t worry, we’ve done some work on the results pages too, to make sure it stays useful (and manageable) from your perspective!

Teacher Review cropped

You’ll still be able to see their first score – for those times when you’re interested in how they did off the bat –  but you’ll also be able to see their best score and the number of attempts they made at the exercise in total.

We hope this new feature will help motivate your students to push themselves further, as well as allowing you to more accurately measure progress and effort.

If you have any questions about this or any other feature, email to get in touch with your rep. There’ll be a new round of teacher feature voting coming after half term, so keep an eye out for that too!


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