Nutty Tilez goes viral!

by Holly Meehan
December 15, 2015

Nutty Tilez logo with stamp2-01 (1)

The Nutty Tilez competition was a huge success! We were amazed by the students’ lightning-speed typing and high level of linguistic ability, but more than anything we were bowled over by their enthusiasm. Many students devoted hours, and in some cases even days, to battling against Demon Dante and his pesky partners in crime…

One such student was Elijah from Berkeley Middle School, who loved the competition so much that he went on to make two awesome YouTube videos of himself competing. It’s the first time we’ve ever starred in a YouTube video, but hopefully it won’t be the last, so let us know if you’d like to follow Elijah’s lead! We were so impressed by his innovation, not to mention excited about our YouTube debut, that we thought we’d better catch up with Elijah. Here’s the exclusive interview.

elijah_ferreira-0031Elijah looking festive following his Nutty Tilez success

What inspired you to make the video?

I wanted to entertain others, and show how fun Nutty Tilez is.

Which software did you use to make it?

I used an application on the Windows 10 platform called Icecream to create it.

How did you prepare for the Nutty Tilez contest?

I believed in what I was taught from my Spanish 1B class with Mrs. Gonzalez.

What did you think of the Nutty Tilez contest?

It was amazing! That’s why I recorded it.

How do you think Nutty Tilez has helped you with your language learning?

In class, we learn about specific category subjects at a time.  In trivia games like Nutty Tilez, the words are random.

What do you have to say to Demon Dante?

After all the losses I experienced due to 1 peanut, I would like to say that he’s a very challenging but fun opponent. He was difficult on every level up, so when I passed him it felt like it was an achievement. I felt so proud! I want to give him thanks even as a CPU.

Here’s Elijah’s first video:

And the second:

It’s always great to see students getting involved! We’re looking for people to make more videos about other aspects of the site, so if you or anyone you know would like to make a video about the jigsaws, gap fills, comprehensions, videos or vocab, let us know on, or tweet us @this_islanguage. We will reward you for your efforts!