New: Video location tagging!

by Holly Meehan
September 20, 2017

Location Tagging Screenshot

Location tagging? What’s that then?

We’ve tagged all of the authentic language videos on, so that you can see where they were filmed! We film our videos in lots of different countries to get as much linguistic variety as we can, so there’s plenty to discover!

Well, that’s interesting, but what’s it for?

Use the location tags to introduce your students to different accents and dialects! You could show the videos at the front of class and point out differences in pronounciation as well as cultural perspectives. Or get your students to watch some videos independently (maybe even for homework) and do some detective work! Ask them to pick out the differences between the accents, and make a note of any vocabulary that varies between regions.

Equally usefully, you can also use this feature to steer students towards speakers with accents that you’d like them to emulate, avoiding the old azul (/aˈθul/) vs. azul (/aˈsul/) confusion, for example… The same goes for grammar and vocabulary that varies by region too.

Location Tagging 3Handy! So how do I access these tags?

Just click on the orange Videos button as usual and you’ll see that each video now has a small flag next to it, indicating its country of origin. At the moment, most of the variation is among the Spanish videos, so !mirales!

Location Tagging 2


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