New: Points Targets!

by Holly Meehan
March 9, 2017


So, what’s the deal?

Our brand new Points Target feature allows you to set students the task of earning a certain number of points on Last term, this feature won a teacher vote to become the newest addition to the site; we’ve been working hard on it since and we’re very pleased to announce that it’s now up and running!

Designed as an alternative to choosing a particular video or exercise for students to work on, Points Targets give students the freedom to work independently whilst still ensuring that they’re developing their language skills and that you can track their progress.

Intriguing, Details please!

Set Task

To get started, simply click on the grey Set Task button on the homepage. Here you can choose a points target, select the class that the work is for and decide on a due date.

points target

Crucially, you can also specify which exercises you want students to work on to earn their points. They will still be able to work on other activities on the site but any points they earn in doing so won’t count towards their target.

You can also set a minimum video difficulty level for them to work at, so that they can’t rack up lots of points working on exercises that aren’t sufficiently challenging.

points target 2

Once you hit ‘Save’, a Points Target task works just like any other exercise that you set: students will see a notification on their homepage and you’ll be able to track students’ performances through the ‘My Classes’ section of your account, as usual. Students can also monitor their own progress using the little spiral progress bar.


Sounds good! But why?

Personally, we think that setting a points target for students might be particularly useful in situations such as:

For revision and skill-specific practice

If your students are in need of some listening comprehension practice before their exams, but it doesn’t matter which topic they work on, or if you really need them to knuckle down to some grammar, a points target is a great solution. Set the target and limit them to the single exercise-type in question, and off they go.

Over the holidays

Points targets work really well if you just want to keep students’ language skills ticking over when they’re not in school. Set a nice big target and let them work away at it in their own time over the break.

Cover lessons

We hope you’ll find points targets useful for keeping students occupied with useful, relevant work when their usual teacher is absent. Extremely quick and easy to set (and requiring no linguistic knowledge!), students can work away independently with all the usual benefits of our automatic marking and instant feedback.

Mini competitions!

Want to harness the enthusiasm students have for our Nutty Tilez competitions? Try setting a points target and getting them to compete to be the first to reach it!

Set a points target for your students now! Just click the Set Task button on your homepage.


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