New Features: September 2017

by Holly Meehan
September 7, 2017


This summer, we’ve added loads of new content to to make it better than ever for you and your students! Here’s the low-down.


Over the summer, the Resources section has had a makeover! It’s now called Printables and has a cool new layout! The Printables section contains all the same useful documents, including Hypersheets, textbook guides, and TIL posters and certificates. Click on the yellow button on your homepage to have a look!

To help you find the resources you need, the Printables section is now sorted by language. Use the flag in the header to navigate to the appropriate language section and its very own printables.

new printables 2


New and improved Textbook Guides

The revamped Printables section is now also home to our newly updated textbook guides! There are improved versions of all of the new GCSE textbooks, and for the second editions of the Cambridge IGCSE books. The guides now include IDs for all of the relevant vocab blocks and grammar sections, as well as videos! Plus, we’ve made them look really pretty.

If there are any other textbooks that you’d like guides for, just email to let us know!

Read more about textbook and curriculum guides here.

textbook guides new


Have your say on new features

A brand new round of voting has just opened! This term there are 4 new features to choose from:
Turn off video
Receive notifications if your students reach the top ten
Time log for work
Review problem words
Pick your favourite and click on the purple button on your homepage to cast your vote. Voting will close on Friday 20th October, when we’ll start building the winning feature, so make sure you have your say!

Read more about voting here.

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Italian Nutty Tilez

Italian Nutty Tilez is now available on! All the usual realtime, multi-player follia, in Italiano!

Nutty Tilez is a real student-pleaser, as well as being great for vocab learning, and when it comes to Italian on TIL, this is only the beginning. The full package 一 complete with videos, grammar and vocab section 一 will be available from January 2018, so watch this space.

Just email for more information and to add Italian Nutty Tilez to your subscription at a discounted rate.

Our favourite activity is, of course, Nutty Tilez! The pupils love the competitive nature and rewards. I like the fact that it reinforces spelling and lets them learn a range of vocab which they might not necessarily be exposed to through traditional textbook teaching. Whether they are trying to Level Up to level four or fourteen they are challenged. I do, of course, have to ignore the pleas of ‘Sir, will you level me up?’.”
Andrew Maguire,  Rugby School

Read more about Italian Nutty Tilez here.

italian compressed


New grammar videos

Our grammar team have been hard at work in the TIL studio this summer to bring you some wacky new videos. Tens of French and Spanish videos are currently being put through their paces in the editing room, so watch this space for hours’ more madness!

We love the videos that explain the grammar concepts ー we use those at the front of the class on a regular basis ー and the accompanying exercises are a godsend.”
Tom Starmer, HoD, St Helena School

For more on our grammar videos and how to get the best from them in your classroom, check this out.



250 words added to build-your-own Nutty Tilez!

We’ve added 250 of your most searched-for bits of vocab to build-your-own Nutty Tilez! The dictionary is now fuller than ever, with comprehensive coverage of all of the main thematic areas, and we’ll continue to review your searches to make sure it keeps getting bigger and better!

Read more and see a full list of the new additions.

New words for Nutty Tilez