New: build-your-own Nutty Tilez!

by Laura Kernaghan
April 27, 2017


Final Nutty!

Remind me, what’s this Nutty Tilez thing?

Nutty Tilez is the realtime, multiplayer vocab game for French, Spanish and German on! It’s fast-paced, a bit wacky and highly addictive by the looks of things:

Nutty Tilez is the best game in the worlldddd!!!!! – Siddarth S.

Nuts for Nutty Tilez! – Patricia M.

Nutty Tilez is my addiction! -Amelia K.

Je t’adore, Nutty Tilez! – Alyssa P.

Oh yeah, I remember the madness now! I hear that music in my sleep… But is it really any good for learning?

Over to Mr Starmer from St Helena school:

“The Nutty Tilez game which I initially thought was an interesting add-on has transformed the vocab learning of the students at school […] I’ve lost count of the number of times students have said ‘Oh, sir, I remember this from Nutty Tilez!’

And the students rate it too:

I love this game, I’ve learned a ton of Spanish through it! – Sam P.

I really like Nutty Tilez, it helps me so much!!! I think this is one of the best Spanish games I’ve ever played that has actually helped me advance in my Spanish vocabulary. – Amya H.

Nutty Tilez makes me happy and I love French! – Tara S

Nutty Tilez is the most engaging way to learn vocab! – Ethan B

Sounds like a pupil-favourite! So what’s new?

Well, after it won a landslide victory in the polls last term, we’ve been working on a feature that will allow you to harness the bonkers power of Nutty Tilez by choosing the words your students are tested on!

You’ll be able to build customised levels for your students to play: same gameplay, same addictiveness, your choice of vocab. You’ll even be able to set the levels for your students and then, as with everything on the site, you can view their results and track their progress.

Most importantly, being able to build your own lists means you can make sure students are working on vocab that’s relevant to a particular subject you’re teaching. You could use it at the beginning of a new topic to introduce new vocab or as a recap at the end of chapter. It might also be useful for making sure that students’ high-frequency vocab is up to scratch before their exams.

Of course, the original version will still be available too!

Awesome! Where can I find it?

Build-your-own Nutty Tilez went live on Friday 12th May, so look out for it on your homepage!