New and improved time log for student work!

by Holly Meehan
May 17, 2018

You can now see more information than ever on the work your students have done on!

What’s all this then?
Well, last term we asked what you what you most wanted to see added to the site and this was the winner: a more detailed time log for student work.

Oh, yeah! And it’s ready now is it?
Yep, it’s up and running! From now on, the feedback you get from set work will have much more detail than was previously the case.

What detail exactly?
Good question. The results page for every set exercise will now look like this:

time log labelled 2


  1. You can now see the total number of attempts that a student made at a set exercise
  2. This column tells you the number of minutes a student spent working on the exercise in total
  3. Here you can see precisely how much progress a student has made, by comparing their first and best scores on the exercise
  4. Click to expand the score columns to see exactly when this work was done

It’s great to have more data but how will it help on a day-to-day basis?
We designed this new reporting feature to help with:

  1. Recognising effort: by looking at the number of attempts a student made at an exercise and the length of time they spent on it, you can get a sense of how hard they worked
  2. Measuring improvement: by comparing their first and best scores you can now monitor how students’ skills are developing with practice
  3. Spotting problem areas: a quick look at the number of attempts students made at an exercise gives an immediate sense of those tasks a class found most challenging
  4. Encouraging progression: this new info will enable you to spot those students who did well on an exercise right away or after only a couple of attempts and who might be ready to move up a difficulty level

TIP: Downloading the full list of student results as a spreadsheet will allow you to sort and filter the new data in various useful ways.

We hope you enjoy getting stuck into the new data!

If you have any questions, drop us a line at

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