Lesson Library: Dream Holidays, Year 9, Avanti House School

by Holly Meehan
September 20, 2017

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Name: Neetu Sadhwani
School: Avanti House School
Language: Spanish
Year group: Year 9
Topic/module: Dream Holidays

Introduction and lesson objective:
We go to the ICT suite once a week to focus on a topic we have already started in class, so in this case we have looked at holiday vocab and the conditional tense in the previous lesson. I set all the activities for the students before the class begins to save time!
Students love the challenge of seeing the topics they are familiar with in a different format and appreciate that they can work on their own pace and learn new vocabulary or consolidate their grammar awareness.
We have built up a class routine, which is why students have scored so high and hopefully will continue this over the summer holidays!

Activity 1: Video 3035 – Watch the video twice.
Students make note of any new vocab they don’t understand, and lower ability students can make use of the snail feature.
Time taken: 5 mins
Method: Individual computers, making notes on paper if necessary.

Activity 2: Video 3035 – Jigsaw x 3
Time taken: 20 mins
Method: Individual computers

Activity 3: Video 3035 – Video Vocab and Gap Fill
Time taken: 20 mins
Method: Individual computers

Activity 4: Video 3035 – Comprehension
Time taken: 10 mins
Method: Individual computers

Activity 5: Build-your-own Nutty Tilez to check knowledge – using this list:
las pirámedes
el dinero
la isla
la cultura
el buceo
al extranjero
el alojamiento
el sueño
la clase
el paracaidismo
el puenting
el safari
la aventura
Remember you can copy/paste this vocab list to set it for your own students!
Time taken: 10 mins
Method: Individual computers

Homework: Conditional Tense Grammar Section.

Thank you Neetu!

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