Italian on!

by Holly Meehan
January 4, 2018


Italian is coming to on 15th January! Stay tuned for:
- Hundreds of unscripted language videos
- Thousands of accompanying interactive exercises
- A fully comprehensive, interactive grammar tool
- A vocab trainer complete with native-speaker audio
- Scaffolded Hypersheets to help students hone all four key skills
- Vocab madness in the form of realtime, multi-player Nutty Tilez!

Presentarsi This is Language


As with the other languages we cover, our Italian videos fit into 6 major themes, all of which are aligned with the GCSE, iGCSE and ACTFL specifications, so we’ve got you covered!

They are:

  • –  Friends and Family
    –  Freetime and Leisure
    –  Education and Work
    –  My Area
    –  Home and Health
    –  Holidays and Travel
  • Check out some free sample videos here!
  • gap fill
  • Video Exercises 

  • Every single video on comes with a set of four interactive exercises, all of which are automatically marked! Designed so that each is more challenging than the one before, they help students make real progress.
  • You can find out more about the different activities here.
  • Grammar compiled
  • Grammar

    There’s so much more than just videos! Italian on will also include an interactive grammar tool covering all the constructions your students need.

  • Each section includes:
    – A teacher-written explanation of how to form and use the structure in question
    – A variety of exercises, designed to develop both receptive and productive skills
    Automatic marking for instant feedback
  • You can find out more about the grammar section here!
  • vocab compiled
  • Vocab

  • Our Vocab Trainer teaches and tests your students on all of the required vocab from all exam boards, all in one place! It’s everything your students need to learn the spelling, meaning and pronunciation of words, and it can be used in class or set for your students to complete at home.
  • Find out more about the vocab section here.
  • hypersheets compiled
  • Hypersheets

  • Looking for a pre-planned lesson? Hypersheets are designed to be a full and comprehensive, ready-prepared lesson, with exercises focusing on all 4 of the key skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Easy to download and use, they make a great lesson or revision homework.
  • Read more about Hypersheets here.
  •  textbook guides
  • Textbook guides

  • Integrating our resources into your lesson plans has never been more straightforward! Just download a guide for whichever Italian textbook you are using with you class and find the content on that goes along with your lessons.
  • Can’t find a guide for the textbook you’re using? Just drop us an email and we’ll make one for you!
  • Read more about textbook guides here.
  • student photos
  • Nutty Tilez

  • “What on earth is Nutty Tilez?” I hear you ask! Well, Nutty Tilez is the realtime, multiplayer vocab game on It’s fast-paced, a bit wacky and something of a cult among students… But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of them had to say:
  • Nutty Tilez is the best game in the worlldddd!!!! – Siddarth S.
    Nuts for Nutty Tilez! – Patricia M.
    Nutty Tilez is my addiction! -Amelia K.
  • Don’t be fooled though, it’s not just a game! The students actually learn a lot too (although we don’t think you need to tell them that…). Over to Mr. Starmer from St. Helena School:
  • The Nutty Tilez game which I initially thought was an interesting add-on has transformed the vocab learning of the students at school […] I’ve lost count of the number of times students have said ‘Oh, sir, I remember this from Nutty Tilez!’”
  • What’s more, we hold an annual Nutty Tilez competition where students from across the world battle it out to be crowned Nutty champions! It’s all a bit nutz really…

All of this could be yours! If you’d like access to Italian, email to get set up!

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