Introducing: Structure videos!

by Holly Meehan
March 22, 2017

That’s… interesting. What on earth are these videos?
They’re brand new video explanations we’ve made to accompany the exercises in the structure section! They’re short, engaging and just a bit wacky (oh, and they’re packed with key info on Spanish, French, and German structure, of course).

Videos about structure? Sounds thrilling…
We promise that these videos are unlike any you’ve seen before – they’re honestly really good fun! Each video is a 120-second race against the clock to explain a specific grammar point: thorough but concise. As well as being nice and snappy, they’re also crammed full of weird and wonderful animations and examples to keep your students on the edge of their seats! We’ve found that a little extra pizzazz means students are happy to watch them through a few times as they work through each concept.

What’s more, we made sure to build in plenty of freeze-frame moments like the one below: shots that include all the basic information that students need to start using the construction with confidence. Play the video at the front-of-the class and hit pause at these key points for a ready-made prompt that students can refer back to while they work.


Just what we need! Where are they?
To find the videos, just click on the Structure/Grammar button on your homepage. Any topic with a pink film-strip icon has an accompanying video! Just click on the topic, then Preview and you’ll see the video at the top of the page. Everyone has access to the videos, so you can either play the video at the front of the class or students can watch them on their own devices.

We’re constantly filming and editing new grammar videos (we’ll be beginning work on the German very soon) so keep an eye on our email Newsletter for announcements of the latest additions!



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