New Hypersheets!

by Laura Kernaghan
February 9, 2017

These are not just any worksheets, these are TIL Hypersheets!

newest hypersheets

Wait, what are they?

Worksheets, but way better! Brand new to, our Hypersheets are designed to be a full and comprehensive, ready-prepared lesson, testing students on all four key skills.

Each Hypersheet is built from a series of listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises which make strategic use of the wealth of authentic language on the site, designed around our current videos as well as new-format compilations. Furthermore, reading texts adapted from video transcripts bring our signature authenticity to traditionally offline activities.

What’s more, all Hypersheets are aligned with the GCSE and iGCSE curriculum and tie in seamlessly with our vocabulary and grammar sections to give students thorough training in the given language point or topic.

As always, the videos can be used on interactive whiteboards as a whole-class activity or on individual devices for effective, guided, independent work.

annotated hypersheet

Sounds great, what’s on offer so far?

There are now around 20 Hypersheets available in each of French, Spanish and German! These particular sheets are grammar-focused, perfect for the revision period.

The structures covered are:


1. Negatives
2. Questions
3. Possessive adjectives
4. Comparative and superlative adjectives
5. Comparative and superlative adverbs
6. Direct object pronouns
7. Indirect object pronouns
8. Relative pronouns
9. Depuis (with the present and imperfect tenses)
10. Reflexive verbs
11. Regular present tense
12. Irregular present tense
13. Immediate future
14. Simple future
15. Perfect tense with avoir
16. Perfect tense with être
17. Pluperfect tense
18. Conditional tense
19. Present subjunctive


1. Negatives
2. Possessive adjectives
3. Comparative and superlative adjectives
4. Comparative and superlative adverbs
5. Direct object pronouns
6. Indirect object pronouns
7. Relative pronouns
8. Reflexive verbs
9. Regular present tense
10. Irregular present tense
11. Present continuous
12. Immediate future
13. Simple future
14. Preterite tense
15. Pluperfect tense
16. Conditional tense
17. Present subjunctive
18. Imperfect subjunctive
19. Por vs para


1. Negatives
2. Questions
3. Adjectival endings
4. Definite articles
5. Indefinite articles
6. Personal pronouns and cases
7. Possessive adjectives
8. Comparative and superlative adjectives
9. Comparative and superlative adverbs
10. Relative pronouns
11. Seit (with the present and imperfect tenses)
12. Reflexive verbs
13. Regular present tense
14. Irregular present tense
15. Immediate future
16. Simple future
17. Perfect tense with haben
18. Perfect tense with sein
19. Pluperfect tense
20. Conditional tense

Oooh, juicy topics! Where can I find them, then?

They are all in the Printables section – just click the yellow button on your homepage!

Watch the video: